Best Twitter Feeds for Investors

Aug 02, 2022 By Triston Martin

Everyone is looking for an advantage in the marketplace, and social media has quickly become an essential component of the formula. In recent years, mainstream platforms such as Facebook and Snapchat have become information and breaking news distributors. However, This makes Twitter a standout among social media sites.

The Best Twitter Feeds for Investors

There is no question that social media has altered the landscape of the media industry, from how information is gathered and disseminated to how news is consumed. Research conducted by the Pew Research Center found that among Twitter users in the United States, 55 percent acquire their news from the platform. According to the findings of yet another survey, as many as 80 percent of institutional investors spend part of their workdays monitoring social media, with thirty percent of those individuals using the information they get from these sources to inform their decision-making. And it is not unheard of for stories to emerge either before or concurrently with a media outlet's in-depth reporting of the news, such as the following examples:

When there are millions of Twitter Feeds that are continuously being updated, it might be difficult to identify that one tweet that is helpful. When filtering their findings, several investment managers use apps like TweetDeck and other social media dashboards. If you are an individual investor interested in keeping up with the most recent developments in the financial world, check out and follow the feeds of these 10 Twitter accounts. Although effective, social media as a source of information should be limited to an advisory capacity.

1. @CNBC

Both expert traders and amateur investors may benefit from the channel's continuous live coverage that lasts 14 hours.

2. @Benzinga

The website first went up in 2010 and now has more than 25 million unique visitors each month.

3. @Stocktwits

The active trading community keeps a close eye on the stream on Stocktwits, which has approximately 930,000 followers. Stocktwits is a real-time website that enables investors from all over the globe to publish at any given instant what they are looking at and how they are trading in the market. The highlights from such exchanges may be seen on the Twitter feed.

4. @BreakoutStocks monitors stocks with either extraordinary price or volume fluctuations or both simultaneously. The account has around 84,000 people following it.

5. @bespokeinvest

Bespoke Investment Group is a well-respected research business on Wall Street, and they have about 130,000 followers on Twitter. You may check out its website to read its reports in an easy-to-understand format, and you can follow it on Twitter to get updates on new articles published. You should not consider the material that you acquire from social media to be reliable counsel. Before making any choice about your investments, you should always discuss the matter with a knowledgeable financial expert who is in a position to point you on the appropriate route.

6. @WSJMarkets

The Wall Street Journal is so well known that it does not need any introduction. However, you may not be aware that among its numerous Twitter streams is @WSJMarkets, which gives real-time news on the economy, markets, and finance as it occurs. This account has a following of more than 715,000 people.

7. @Stephanie Link

If you like the work of Jim Cramer (@jimcramer), you will also enjoy the contributions made by Stephanie Link, who formerly served as the research director for his charity trust, Action Alerts Plus. She is a prolific tweeter and a regular contributor to CNBC. In addition, she is the chief investment strategist.

8. @nytimesbusiness

The business feed of The New York Times delivers the most recent news on the market as well as coverage of other important events. Because the industry of reporting financial news is so cutthroat, it is in your best interest to subscribe to many of the most reputable feeds. If you follow this business feed, you'll be one of the other 825,000 individuals seeking the most recent news in the business world.

9. @IBDinvestors

Investors Business Daily is a well-known publication that is published daily and is geared at individual investors. It has more than 262,000 followers on Twitter, and its feed concentrates on the most recent and innovative ideas that are trade-worthy.

10. @WSJDealJournal

Another one of The Wall Street Journal's feeds may be found here. This is the course for you if the topic of mergers and acquisitions is something that interests you. It also provides news and opinions on initial public offerings and private equity investments. There are around 8,200 people following the feed on Twitter.

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