List of Best Mobile Tax Apps

Oct 28, 2022 By Triston Martin

According to the Internal Revenue Service, the typical tax refund received in the year 2020 was $1,915. It is crucial to qualify for the tax exemption and credit accessible to you to guarantee you receive the largest return possible. This is made simple by applications for filing taxes both on desktop and mobile devices.

Some tax preparation applications help you overlook your credits and write-offs. Tax apps will also allow users to track their mileage and expenses. Although most tax applications take about the same amount of time to complete filing maintenance of taxes, many tax apps may auto-fill particular tax documents and give live help to accelerate the process. Some applications will give you an incentive on your return if that is something you are interested in.

In order to find the finest tax applications on the market, our team analyzed twenty distinct possibilities. When compiling our rating, we gave significant weight to both the features available and the prices. Here we are going to examine how simple it was to use and examine reviews from actual customers.

List of Best Tax Apps

Following is the list of Best Mobile Tax Apps in 2022:

TaxAct Express

Overall it is one of the best tax apps because of its competitive pricing and feature-rich free version. This software allows you to cover your tax filing expenses with your federal return and is approximately 17.99 USD if your rebate is money transferred, while similar applications cost almost 40 USD.

Advantages of TaxAct Express

  • You may easily import the tax information from the previous year, regardless of whether you have used another source.
  • The most feature-rich and cost-free choice available across all providers
  • Use the money you get back to pay for your tax preparation.

Disadvantages of TaxAct Express

  • There is no tracking of expenses.
  • Even with the free bundle, state filing is an additional cost.
  • Other tax programs have more streamlined user interfaces than this one does.

TaxAct was established in 1998 and is the best mobile tax app that facilitates e-filing. It may be accessed through its website or from the play store. As a result of its affordable prices and the option to use one's tax refund to cover the cost of filing, it has risen to the top among tax preparation applications.

You are covered against up to $100k in IRS fines and interest if you use TaxAct software. If you get a bigger return with another product, filing with them is on the house.

There are further advantages, such as the ability to import data from a prior year's tax return (even if it wasn't prepared with TaxAct) by importing a PDF of all returns. To top it all off, if you recommend it to any of your friends and make a purchase using your referral link, you will receive a 20% discount and a $20 Prime gift card.

QuickBooks Self-Employed

This tax app is recommended for all business owners to utilize specialized tax software designed for their needs. For small businesses, QuickBooks Self-Employed makes it easy to keep tabs on spending and file tax returns. The program even allows you to pay your anticipated taxes every quarter.

Advantages of Quickbook Self-Employed

  • Mobile expenditure tracking and mileage reimbursement for the modern business
  • Permit your tax preparer or attorney accessibility.
  • Use the app to determine your tax liability and make quarterly payments to the IRS.

Disadvantages of Quickbook Self-Employed

  • It's simple to import data and sync several transactions at once, which usually results in duplication of information.
  • Some of the nation's smaller financial institutions may lack the technology necessary to sync data.
  • Cannot manage inventories or payroll

QuickBooks is the industry standard for taxing apps, and its Self-Employed application provides smooth integration with TurboTax. This program is the greatest option for company owners since it allows users to keep tabs on their personal and professional spending and mileage and sometimes even allows them to generate and monitor invoices.

In addition, this app's UI may be accessed online. While some reviewers have complained about bugs in the software, others have praised its ability to keep track of your individual and professional expenditures.

H&R Block Tax Prep and File

Due to its inclusion of Online Assistance, where users may contact tax professionals for unlimited free support throughout the pay period of tax, H&R Block Tax Preparation & Filing is the finest tax software for ongoing support. You may even have a tax expert perform your tax filing if you use the app to submit all your paperwork.

Advantages of H&R Block

  • The price for unlimited access to tax preparers registered agents, and CPAs all year long begins at only $39.99.
  • You may upload your paperwork and have a tax expert handle your returns.
  • Keep all relevant tax papers, including receipts, returns, and charitable contributions.

Disadvantages of H&R Block

  • The cost of Online Assist makes this program one of the priciest options.
  • We don't keep tabs on costs.
  • Having H&R Block's back during an audit is only reassuring if the company committed a mistake.

The H&R Block Tax Preparation and Filing application is our best mobile tax app for the finest online tax assistance. Moreover, it allows users to file their taxes themselves with the help of tax professionals for as little as $39.99 or to have a tax specialist file their taxes for as little as $49.

The app may be found on Google and Apple Play stores with excellent ratings. However, you can submit your taxes using its website. Use the $39 processing charge deducted from your tax return to cover the cost of filing your taxes.

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